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Madison Mead

Here you will learn a bit about her experience, her interests, and maybe even take a peek inside her head.Have a look around!

Who is She?

She’s me! (Now I can finally stop talking in the third person, phew).

A dreamer of dreams, an eater of food, a writer of words, a teller of jokes. But wait there’s more. I am also a recent graduate from the University of California: Santa Barbara, with Bachelor of the Arts in Psychology, and double minor in English and Professional Writing: Multimedia Communication. Feel free to take a breather, it’s quite a long sentence. At this point in our lives, what you're going to do next seems to be the big question on everyone’s minds. It makes sense, this is massive change that we undergo in life, and for the first time I have very little idea where I am going to be in a year. It’s intimidating, and there is an urge to secure a job to have that comfort of stability, but I also remind myself that I am here to enjoy this process. This process of imagining the future. I’d like to explore as fully as I can the possibilities for what I can do next. I’d like to find a career that allows me to be creative, challenges me, teaches me, and engages my passions (is that so much to ask?). I just don’t know exactly what that is yet, but I am open to the many possibilities. Loosely, I know that I would like something that allows me to communicate with people through words and images. On this website is a summary of what I have been doing the past few years, demonstrating my interests and where they might take me in the future!